Protective Device Coordination Mastery

Learn the essential skills in power system protection by understanding the concepts of coordination analysis, various overcurrent protective devices (breakers, fuses, relays), protection basics for transformers and motors

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Coordination Analysis – Coordination principles, Time Current Curves, Data Requirements
  2. Overcurrent Protective Devices – Molded case circuit breakers, Fuses, Classes, Current Limitation, Static Trip / Electronic Circuit Breakers, Frame, LSIG, Ground Fault Protection
  3. Overcurrent Relays, Amp Tap, Time Dial, Instantaneous, Current Transformer Ratio, Operation of Relays, Time Margins
  4. Shifting Curves from Different Voltages – Apparent Coordination, Transformer Primary and Secondary Devices
  5. Transformer Protection – NEC and ANSI thru fault protection requirements, Adjusting thru Fault Curves for Delta-Wye Connections
  6. Motor Time Current Curves – Motor Starting Characteristics, Short Circuit and Overload Characteristics
  7. Case Study


Q: What is the format of this course?
A: Recorded lectures.

Q: How long do I have an online access to the course?
A: You have 12 months 24/7 online access to the course.

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