Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having issues accessing restricted content and courses, see below answers to common issues you may have. If you have done everything mentioned below and still have issues, please send us email at

Username & Password Questions

How do I obtain a username and password?

All courses, whether FREE or PAID, are restricted and can only be access once logged in. To get a username and password, please signup in at least one of the FREE or PAID courses by filling up the registration forms found in each course page. In the top menu, click on Course Info & Registration or Click Here

I already signed up in the registration form. What's next?

Please allow us a few days to manually create your online profile. Once created. you will receive an automated email from us with a subject “[Core Power Engineering] Login Details“. This email contain your username and a link to reset/assign your new password.

What is my username and how do I reset/assign a password?

In case you missed the automated email mentioned above or it got sent to spam folder,

Please note, your username is your email address.

To reset or assign your new password Click Here or go to

Next, click on “Lost your Password”, then enter your email address, then click “Reset password”. You will receive an email instruction to enter your desired password.

Are username/password to access FREE courses different for PAID courses?

No, you only need one username/password to access any content whether the content is FREE or PAID.

I signed up in the PAID course form but have not settled the tuition fee. Will I get a username/password?

Unfortunetely, we can not give you the login credentials until you settled the fee. If you want to be granted login credentials without paying, then please sign up in one of the free courses.

You can use the same username/password to access the paid course once you settle the fee for that paid course.

I signed up to the registration form multiple times. Is my previous profile erased or replaced?

No. Your username remains unchanged since it is the same as your email address. Your password was not reset either. You are only receiving another account creation notification because you signed up again.

Accessing Content Questions

How to access FREE courses or content inside the members area?

Once logged in, go to the top menu and click on Members Area and then Course List to see the list of all courses.

You can immediately enroll on your own to any FREE course or content.

How to access PAID courses or content inside the members area?

For PAID content, we will have to enroll you manually once the tuition fee is settled.

Once logged in, go to the top menu and click on Members Area and then Course List to find the course you enrolled for.

Live Meeting Links & Recording Questions

Where can I find live meeting or webinar links?

The webinar or live online meeting registration links can be found inside each course. There is a dedicated chapter where all registration links for the live meetings or webinars are located.

To register for the webinars, please login to your account then access the course for which you are enrolled then click on the chapter called Live Meeting Registration Page.

There can be multiple meetings. Please register to all of them.

When are live meetings scheduled?

Schedules for the live meetings are posted in each course page. Please go to Course Info & Registration page to see schedule for each course.

Are live meetings recorded?

For PAID courses with Live Meetings, the meeting sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the members area for later viewing up to 12 months or otherwise stated in each course page.

For specifics, please refer to details found in each course page.

Problem Logging In Questions

What to do if I could not log in?

It’s usually one of these issues:

1. You do not have an account yet. Please sign up for an account by following the steps mentioned in this page.

2. You are using the wrong username. Please note, your username is your registered email address.

3. You entered the wrong password. Please enter the right one or reset your password by following the steps mentioned in this page.

4. You have exceeded the maximum number of active login sessions allowed per user. When you get this error message when logging in, then you must clear all active logins as shown below. Once cleared, try to login again.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do you plan to add more free content in the future?

Yes. New courses to be added on an ongoing basis.

How do I know when new content is coming out?

 We typically announce via emails and our Facebook page or posts.

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